4th Grade Explorer PowerPoint Presentations
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
4th Grade

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Sherri Dennis class at Dover Elementary are proving that they are indeed tech savvy. These bright students showcased their technical skills by creating power point presentations based on famous explorers such as: Marco Polo, Hernando De Soto, and Henry Hudson just to name a few. The presentations contained the explorer’s birth, origin, purpose and outline of the exploration route.  The students did an outstanding job of providing the factual information of the explorers while incorporating music files, pictures, and unique transitions throughout the power point presentations. As each student presented their work, the other students were watching with much excitement and engagement, because after every presentation, there was a quick check to see if everyone was paying attention. Kudos to Mrs. Dennis and her fourth grade techies learning and having fun all at the same time; integrating technology with Social Studies, keep up the good work!

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