Spring Poetry at Dover Elementary
Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Poetry Writing Contest

Our spring poetry contest was held from Friday, March 20, 2015 until Thursday, April 16, 2015. The Dover PBIS Team wanted to give students Pre-K to 5th grade an opportunity to showcase his/her writing skills. The winners recieved coupons from Ryan’s, Sonic, McDonald’s and R & J Drugs. The winning poems are listed below:


“Look at My Spring”


Alexander Chadwell


Hey , look at those two birds in the air

They are flying high above in pairs.

Looking around to make their home

The two little birds are not alone.

Hey look at that tree

It’s the home for those honey bees

The queen bee lives in the hive

While the others work from five to five

Hey look at that green grass

It used to be brown in the past

I feel like rolling all around

And sleeping on that soft warm ground

Hey look at those two brown bunnies

They hop and play around when its sunny

Our carrots was planted during the fall

And now I know who’s eating them all.







Garett Livingston


Have no fear

Spring is here!

Bunny rabbits hopping

And bunny ears flopping

Its my favorite time of year.



Spring time, spring time, spring time

Spring is here-have fun

The flowers are blooming

The bee’s are buzzing

So why won’t you come out here.

By A’lajah Wade



By Grant Livingston


Rabbits hopping candy

Wrappers popping,

 Easter  eggs dying

Birds are flying



By Darionah Sutton


Sunshines on me

Plants are growing every day

Raining some days

In the house or outside

Now let’s go out and play now

Going out now I say

Out of the cave

Out of the hole

Bears, rabbit little mole

Hatch from egg in the nest

In the tree the birds are Bless!

The flower bloom the leaves are green

How do they know when it’s spring

The bug are back little spider

Dress I black

Bears, rabbit, birds and bees, flower, grass and trees and bees, flower, grass and trees

Just like me their faced is warm,

That’s how they know spring has


By Ty’era Frankin-Mood










Spring brings


Davis Livingston


Spring brings bees……..buzz

that fly in the breeze

that pollinate the trees

that makes me sneeze…..achoo

look at the leaves

I Love Spring






I-Ice cream



By Lamarianna Mack



Little Easter Bunny hopping down the

Bunny trail. What is it you carry in your

Little Easter pail? Have you been to market to buy some thing for tea or does that little pail hole an Easter egg       FOR ME?

By Samantha Rivers










Spring Words

by Treasury Davis


Pools!  Pools!  What a time getting wet.

Food!  Food!  We have hotdogs, chips, and treats.

Fun!  Fun!  We have so much fun in spring.

Family! Family!  What times we have when we get together.

Out of School!  Out of School! Soon no work, no teachers, no riding the bus, no waking up at 5:00 am.

Pretty Dresses!  Pretty Dresses!  What kind of new spring dress do you have?  I have flowery.

Flowers Blooming!  Flowers Blooming!  Roses, tulips, and many others.

Spring!  Spring!—my favorite time of year!



Spring by Johntay Felder


Spring is here and bees are buzzing for joy,

It has warm sunshine and plants are growing.

No more snoring,

It’s time to go and play with nature’s creations.

Have some fun and fill with glee.

Won’t you come and follow me?








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